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How to safely dispose of used Novo Nordisk products

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It’s important to immediately dispose of your needles and syringes in a sharps disposal container. You should also dispose of pens, vials, cartridges, and blister packs that are empty or lack a usable quantity through a drug collection program or by placing them in an appropriate container according to local laws. You can also dispose of these items by taking advantage of the Novo Nordisk Drug Disposal Program.

Where can I get a sharps disposal container or medicine return container?

If you don’t have a container, you can get one by filling out the form below.

You can make your own by using a household container (like an empty laundry detergent container) that is:

  • Made of a heavy-duty plastic
  • Can be closed with a tight-fitting, puncture-resistant lid, without sharps being able to come out
  • Upright and stable during use
  • Leak resistant
  • Properly labeled to warn of hazardous waste inside the container

What do I do when my disposal container is almost full?

Some states or towns have laws or regulations about how to throw away used needles, syringes, or medicine. When your container is almost full, you will need to follow your community guidelines for the right way to dispose of it.

If you request a free sharps disposal or medicine return container from Novo Nordisk, we will take care of safely disposing the container for you. The documentation within your shipment will include return shipping directions.

For more information about safe sharps disposal and to find a disposal location near you, visit

Important things to remember

  • Don't throw away syringes or needle caps in your trash or recycling
  • Keep your container out of reach of children and pets
  • Don’t put your used container in your household trash or recycling unless your community guidelines permit this
  • Place all unused Novo Nordisk medications that require disposal in your medicine return container
  • Needles and syringes should not be placed into the medicine return container
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Need help?
Please call 1‑888‑905‑0135
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Need help? Please call 1‑888‑905‑0135 if you have any questions.